Works (The) / Chris Rea

Musique audio

Rea, Chris

Edité par Warner Music. Paris - 2007

Fool. Josephine. Stainsby girls. On the beach. Diamonds. I can hear your heartbeat. I don't know what it is but i love it. No qualifications. Sweet kiss. Runaway. Every beat of my heart. Love's strange ways. Things lovers should do (The). Nothings happening by the sea. Ace of hearts. Touche d'amour. Stone. Love turns to lies. One golden rule. Road to hell, part 2. Let's dance. Loving you again. Tell me there's a heaven. Little blonde plaits. Lucky day. Bless them all. Two roads. I can't dance to that. I don't care anymore. Windy town. Working on it. You must be evil. I just wanna be with you. That's what they always say. Winter song. Gone fishing. Driving home for Christmas. Julia. Auberge. Looking for the summer. Nothing to fear. God's great banana skin. Heaven. Mention of your name (The). Soft top hard shoulder. I ain't the fool. You can go your own way. Passione (La). Horses. Square Peg, round hole. Blue café (The). God gave me an angel. New times square. Keep on dancing.

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